Tahoe Brio now online! December 27 2015, 0 Comments

You can now buy our Tahoe Brio facial oil and facial soap on our website.  This facial oil has been selling out at many of our shows.  Made with our own handmade carrot tissue oil, jojoba, argan and meadowfoam oils this will replace all of your expensive store bought facial oils.  You will use it for more than just your face!  Legally we can't make any medical claims, but we can tell you our customers have used it for sunburned skin, shingles, cradle cap and love it.  Even the most sensitive skin loves our Tahoe Brio!

As of now, our Tahoe Brio line consists of facial oil, facial soap, pure soy candles with more bath products to come. 

Check out the Tahoe Brio page on this website.