Lakeside Lemongrass Pure Soy Candle and Wax Melts

$ 6.99

Tahoe Bath and Candle Works "Lakeside Lemongrass" is hands down our most popular fragrance. When we started in business we were curious as to which of our fragrances would be the most popular. We figured vanilla or maybe lavender. Nope, "Lakeside Lemongrass"…by far. Our "Lakeside Lemongrass" fragrance is a custom blend of Lemongrass and other top secret essential oils that serve to soften the citrusy top note. The result is a clean clean lemony top note with a soft, sweet floral undertone. This fragrance is both wildly popular and all natural. Wow, a twofer!

Lemongrass Pure Essencial Oil Pure Soy Candle and Wax Melts Lakeside Lemongrass

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