Pure Soy Candles

Did you know that a “soy candle” does not have to contain any soy wax? There are absolutely no regulations pertaining to candle ingredient labeling. You need to trust the company you are buying your soy candles from or you will end up with a “soy candle” that contains anything from paraffin to animal tallow.

Our Pure Soy Candle is made with...pure soy wax.  We add a generous amount of the finest fragrance oils and/or essential oils available, a little candle dye and a natural cotton wick.

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Soy Wax Melts- No wick, no flame.  Just lots of fragrance packed into a pure soy wax tart.  Use your favorite plug-in or tealight style melter.  Available in all our candle fragrances.  Please refer to our Candle Burning Guide for instructions on the safe use of wax melt tarts.



16oz Canning Jar-  Our most popular candle container!  This classic jar has been a staple in the American home for more than a century.  Having been used for everything from Homegrown fruit and vegetables to kerosene to moonshine, it really is at home in just about anyone's house.  You must remove the lid to burn.  It will burn for 80-100 hours when burned according to our Candle Burning Guide.