The Benefits Of Honey

While honey lends a moistness and rich flavor to cakes and cookies, it also provides many benefits as a skin care product. Honey's benefits for skin care work in a few different ways. The chemical makeup of honey gives the substance properties that can speed healing and prevent infection. At Tahoe Bath and Candle Works, we use honey in our lotion because its rich, thick texture keeps moisture on the skin, which can help keep your skin supple and glowing.

Honey Dipper Image

Moisturizes Skin

Honey can be used as part of a dry skin regimen because its composition is described as s humectant. A humectant is an item or substance that attracts moisture and keeps in locked inside.

Protects Against Damage

Honey is a natural antioxidant, which proves beneficial when taken internally, but it also provides protective benefits when used topically on the skin. Antioxidants can protect internal organs from a type of damage called oxidative stress, which can lead to better overall health in some cases. It is believed that honey has a natural form of suncreen, to protect the skin from sun damage such as premature wrinkling, a condition that in some people can lead to skin cancer.

Promotes Wound Healing

On the medical side of skin care, honey as a wound dressing can help promote healing and prevent infection due to its natural antimicrobial properties.