Why Goat's Milk?

The many benefits of using goat’s milk in skin care products have contributed to an unprecedented increase in these products availability. Who knew that using a natural wholesome ingredient on one’s skin, instead of harsh, hard to pronounce chemicals would be such a popular idea!

-Because goat’s milk contains caprylic acid, it is very close to the PH level of your skin. Soap that does not contain goat milk has a higher PH level, making your skin feel dry and uncomfortable. Maintaining a level PH helps your skin remain protected while still allowing the skin cells to “breath” properly.

Goat Image

-Goat’s milk contains alpha-hydroxy acid which studies have concluded helps rejuvenate and moisturize your skin. It also is full of vitamins, minerals and proteins that nourish your skin. Be sure to check out our line of handmade lotions and soaps made with wholesome, natural goat's milk.

-Cosmetic chemists call goat's milk "nature's liposomes" because it is so easily absorbed into the skin.

-The glycerin that is naturally produced in the soap making process is actually extracted by soap manufacturers and sold separately for a higher profit. The resulting product is not even real soap but a bunch of synthetic detergents mixed into a petroleum base. Nice huh? At Tahoe Bath Works, we leave the glycerin in our soap, where it should be. It acts as a natural humectant which attracts and preserves moisture in the skin.