Tahoe Bath and Candle Works News February 04 2014, 0 Comments

Hi everyone

Thanks for joining us on the new website. This is the first of many installments on our blog.

For those that are not familiar with Tahoe Bath and Candle Works, Kathy and I have been in business for a little over three years now. Kathy started by selling Bath Bombs at the local farmers market in Minden, Nevada, which for those unfamiliar with the region, is in the beautiful Carson Valley just East of the South Lake Tahoe area. Well, as the weeks went by, one farmers market turned into five and then ten. The product selection has gone from bath bombs to bubble bath to pedicure bombs. From bath products we expanded to body lotions and massage oils. Soap and lip balm have also become significant contributors to the overall mix.

Then last year we made a significant commitment to producing soy candles. It has been a huge expenditure of our time and limited resources but the results have been nothing short of amazing and inspiring.
Carson City Christmas Craft Show
In a way, this website is a testament to our supportive family that is always there to help with product testing or setting up and tearing down displays. It’s a testament to the many loyal customers that have come out to see us on a weekly basis. It’s a testament to the wonderful vendors that we work along side of, three or four times a week from May through mid-December. It’s also a testament to the hard working people that take on the sometimes thankless job of organizing these farmers markets and craft shows. Through the heat, wind, smoke, rain and snow, the organizers are the unsung heroes that take on a job that sometimes seem akin to herding cats. Your patience has been much appreciated. All of you have made our success possible. We consider ourselves to be very lucky indeed.