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Shows in South Lake Tahoe and Reno This Weekend! April 21 2015, 0 Comments

This will be a busy weekend for TB&CW! 

Friday and Saturday, April 24th & 25th we will be at the So Lake Tahoe Home and Garden Show in the gym at the Recreation Center 1180 Rufus Allen Blvd in So Lake Tahoe.  Friday hrs 4-7:30 pm and Saturday from 10am-4:30pm.

Sunday April 26th we will be in Reno at Earth Day in Idlewild Park from 10am-6pm.  Look for us in the Farmers Mkt/Garden area.

Soap! February 04 2015, 0 Comments

Soap is one of our most popular products, thanks to everyone who buys it!  The one downside to making soap is that it has a 2 month curing period.  Christmas season was one of our best ever for soap sales and we are furiously making soap every day to catch up on our inventory.  If you see a favorite soap with an "available on" date, that is the reason, it is on the curing rack!

One More Recent Review January 10 2015, 0 Comments



How is it possible to generate a new invention? It might seem impossible, as the business at Tahoe Bath and Candle Works felt when they were developing what would become their Emerald Bay Blend Bath Bomb. Many are familiar with the story of Archimedes, who gained a sudden insight into how to weigh a crown for the local king, shouted “eureka!”, and then ran through the streets, but how can you recreate this?


This moment of sudden insight has been important for inventors throughout the ages. Einstein’s concept of special relativity came to him whilst he was riding a streetcar in Bern, and Newton reportedly was hit by a falling apple and conceived of gravity. But how would it be possible for someone to create the conditions that result in such a breakthrough? What is it that unites these moments of sudden insight and clarity?


Critical in all three cases is relaxation. Einstein was just riding home, not thinking about anything in particular. Newton was chilling out sat under a tree. And Archimedes? He was of course having a bath. In fact, the benefits of relaxing in the bath are exactly what the Tahoe Bath and Candle Works were trying to give to their customers, but first they had to do a bit of their own inventing. To get the same effect as these great inventors, they were experimenting with different fragrances. In fact, this form of play can be an amazing way to bring out the eureka effect.

 Emerald Bay Bath Bomb

The result was a completely new fragrance for the local business. It consists of a striking blend of different elements. Starting with a base of sweet rose petals, the scent also includes freshly cut jasmine flowers and lemongrass, with its citrusy notes. Holding together the other scents is soft sage, a herb known for its scent and beautiful color.


In fact, it’s this color and the local scenery that inspired the name Emerald Bay Blend Bath Bomb. Emerald Bay is an incredibly pure natural part of Lake Tahoe, close to where the company is based. Since its launch, the blend has become a classic for Tahoe Bath and Candle Works, and sells well year round. So if you’re looking for your own moment of breakthrough, or just a way to relax drawing on the stunning scenery of this alpine lake, you should consider the Emerald Bay Blend Bath Bomb, Tahoe Bath and Candle Work’s own eureka moment.

A Recently Published Review - Achieve Total Clarity January 10 2015, 0 Comments

Achieve Total Clarity

It might seem like there’s little connection between Lake Tahoe, and Heavenly Pear Bubble Bath, but you’d be wrong. Lake Tahoe has been providing inspiration for artists and film makers for many years, and has been used in films as diverse as The Godfather Part II and the 1951 film starring Elizabeth Taylor, A Place in the Sun.

Yet Lake Tahoe doesn’t just provide clear inspiration for film makers, it is also giving the impetus to local people to pursue their passions. This is exactly what has happened in the case of the Tahoe Bath and Candle Works. Located in the Carson Valley, at the foot of High Sierra, the business draws on the natural beauty and power of Lake Tahoe, which sits on the far side of the mountains above them. This natural beauty has driven them to put their passion into handmade, high quality products, which reflect nature, and the wonder of their surroundings.

 In particular, this can be seen in their Heavenly Pear Bubble Bath. Lake Tahoe, which at its widest measures 35 by 19 kilometers, is known for its incredibly clarity. This purity is also something that characterizes the humble pear. In particular, the soothing qualities of pear juice, often the first fruit given to infants, is backed up by their being hypoallergenic. In effect, their soothing nature means that they’re far less likely to cause an allergic reaction in someone eating them, and they can even form a part of the diet of people suffering very seriously from allergies.

 Heavenly Pear Bubble Bath

Consequently, Tahoe Bath and Candle Works chose to harness the soothing power of pears when they were producing one of their most popular products. Designed to help you soak away any stress, their collection of bath products hope to achieve something of the effect of looking at the wondrous beauty of Lake Tahoe.

Inspired by this crisp beauty of Tahoe, and the warmth of the flavor of pears, their Heavenly Pear Bubble Bath is a top seller throughout the year. In particular, their company has tried to capture the complexity of pear flavor within the scent of the bubble bath, underlying the crisp fruity tones with warming brandy undertones. So remember, with natural beauty, a passion for great products, and the power of pears, it’s possible to connect Lake Tahoe with bubble bath!

Wax Melter Truths November 01 2014, 0 Comments

Just to clarify...our wax melts work in any wax melter, so don't be afraid to use them in yours, no matter who makes it!
We had someone at a Farmers Market not let her hubby buy our melts because a certain wax melt maker said it's not safe to use any melts but their own. Not true!!